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"The draw of Animal Magnet is its outlandish characters and its narrative structure. Essentially, the book is a series of short stories threaded together by the family connection. Each one has a different structure and a different voice. Anderson wields a letter, play, manuscript, newspaper article, as well as the traditional story format, to tell of each character's wild experience. And wild they are. Each section plumbs the depths of man's animal nature . . ."  
- Manhattan Book Review

"Anderson is an adroit novelist with perhaps one of the most acute and unique senses of humor I've seen in print."
- Misanthropester

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 This wild-eyed family saga spans centuries and continents, beginning in the 18th century in the Kingdom of Hungary and ending more than two centuries later in a futuristic L.A. Ultimately, Animal Magnet probes the notion of human-ness, human identity, and humanity.

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Gary Anderson lives in central New Jersey with his wife and three kids. His novels Animal Magnet and Best of All Possible Worlds are available on Run Amok Books. Gary tweets @gander_author.