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"Paul has a poet's gift for packing big truths into short punches. If this book can entertain and move a childless grump like me, you know it's something special."
- Rian Johnson, Writer, Director of Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out

"From pithy tweet-sized observations to hilarious heart-wrenching essays , Paul Alexander brings a fresh, honest, and edgy look to the world of parenthood. If David Sedaris and Tina Fey had a love child, this book would be it. Brutal, blunt and bombastic, Alexander uses his sharp wit to bring out the best things about being a brand new dad, even when he's failing miserably at it."
- Brent Piaskoski, TV Producer and Creator

"A humorous commentary on life about a child from newborn (preemie in Alexander’s case) through age five. People at any stage of parenthood will be able to relate and enjoy the entertaining thoughts and actions from Paul Alexander. A page-turner from a comedian that will have you comparing your own experiences and relating to the good and not-so-good times of parenthood."
- Rachel Dehning, Seattle Book Review

"They say don't meet your heroes. I've decided to make Paul's son my hero so I won't feel obliged to meet him. That kid is trouble! The way I see it, reading this book is way more enjoyable than having a kid. So, the choice is yours."
- Mike Gandolfi, Actor and Emmy-winning comedy writer

". . . full of laughs and giggles and any parent will take a trip back in time to the horrifying actions of their own children–second-hand chewing gum; food landing on the floor; fights in the play park; attacks on household pets; yes, it all comes back with alarming clarity."
- Lucinda E. Clarke, Readers’ Favorites

“Alexander’s book is a beautifully crafted reminder that the great over-arching narrative of parenthood is actually a collection of individual moments. Our Baby Was Born Premature is filled with the everyday moments of joy, frustration, wonder, self-doubt, triumph and pure, unconditional love that every parent experiences recounted with wit, charm and affection.”
- Rob Nickerson, Managing Director,

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 In this uniquely conceived memoir, author and comedian Paul Alexander offers up fresh insights into the perils and joys of parenthood, ranging from amusing to hilarious to keenly observant to chaotically insightful.

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Paul Alexander is a comedian who has appeared on MTV, A&E, and Comedy Central. He worked in Film Production for a couple of decades. Paul never had an affair on his wife or abandoned his kids for the sake of his career in Hollywood, which is why he now works as a baker in the middle of a Canadian island. Vist Paul's website